Attorney Lewis Delivers the Picnic Project Socks From Annual Drive

Attorney Lewis stopped by the Picnic Project today with his second delivery of socks from the 7th Annual Law Office of Daniel R. Lewis Sock Drive!  The Picnic Project is an amazing 501 organization serving the less fortunate members of Sanford’s Community with food, care, and dignity every Friday out of the First United Methodist Church located at 419 S. Park Ave, Sanford.  Thank you to the Picnic Project for always finding love and giving it all away to our neighbors!  These socks were provided today by their volunteers to any in need.

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No Plan? Florida Will Make One For You!

No plan? Florida makes one for you! Atty Lewis’s monthly legal column in the Sanford Herald this month discusses intestacy – what happens if you don’t make a plan?  The State of Florida dictates who gets your assets via probate court – make a plan and avoid this issue for your loved ones!

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